1. Wiskey Wedge, $19
If dad is a whisky drinker, he will love this unique glass that stops melted ice from diluting the flavor of his favorite whiskeys. The Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge Glass will keep his whisky cold and strong! It's perfect for sipping whiskey, bourbon, tequila or scotch.

2. Alchemy Goods Wallets, $37-$42
If you’re looking for a durable yet slim wallet for dad that is eco friendly and simply and thoughtfully designed, look no further. The Franklin wallet is a flexible wallet made from an upcycled Bicycle Inner Tube! With lots of slots for credit cards, this planet friendly wallet is compact for everyday use and great for travel, or when dad is on the go. 

3. Virtual Reality Headset, $42
Dad can walk with the dinosaurs or ride a thrilling roller coaster! With the Virtual Reality Headset he can experience these from the comfort of his living room! The Virtual Reality Headset lets you watch 3D movies, play simulated games and experience virtual simulations by downloading content directly onto your smartphone!

4. Fajita Pan, $33
You don't need to go out to have restaurant quality fajitas with the Gourmet du Village Cast Iron Fajita Pan. Dad can use the Fajita Pan on the BBQ, on the stove top, or in the oven. The Fajita Pan can be used to cook up veggies as well as to serve sizzling hot fajitas at the table. This is sure to impress your guests. The cast iron pan comes with Fajita Seasonings, Recipes, and a Wooden Serving Tray

5. Heartwood Creations Secret Boxes, $13-$17
These beautifully handmade wood boxes make a perfect Fathers Day gift. They can be used to hold pills, jewelry, notes, coins and more! The small heart that is burned on back of each box is their craftsman’s mark that signifies it's a Heartwood original. The boxes are proudly handmade in the USA and have beautiful artistry and craftsmanship.

6. Tidepools, $16-Small/ $27 Large
Give dad the ocean for Father's Day. These awesome glass tide pools are like a day at the beach, right at your fingertips! Shake it up to stir the water, shells and sand, and watch as they settle into a new formation each time! It will be a great office stress reliever for dad. 

Emperor Gong Wind Chime, $80
This Emperor Gong captures the essence of the Far East with its wonderful sound and graceful design. This wind chime was inspired by traditional Asian design to reflect balance, harmony, grace, and beauty. Dad can enjoy this chime indoors or out. This gong is crafted by master wind chime craftsmen in Woodstock, NY. 


8. Zen Garden, $22
Dad's “happy place" can be at work! With this meditative, desktop Zen garden, he can soothe away all his workday stresses. The sand invites dad to create calming patterns in its surface using a natural finish rake and rocks to create unique meditative patterns in the sand.