Fun Ways to Wear a Scarf

As Fall and winter are approaching, I have started bringing out all of my scarves. Everyday that I go to add a scarf to add to my outfit, I am tired of the boring old ways I know how to tie a scarf. With this book, scarves, and scarf accessories, I know that each fall outfit will be fit for a fashionista!

50 Ways To Wear A Scarf: This book is a must have for the Fall! This book is packed full of awesome new ways to wear a scarf. Every page shows an illustration of a new way for every fashionista to leave your house looking fabulous.

Ways to wear a scarf

 Our new woven scarfs are one of our favorites for this season! The sublimely beautiful grey scarf with contrasting minty edges will envelope you in warmth and elegance while the cornflower blue scarf with contrasting orange edges will add a pop of color to your outfit.

 Woven ScarfWoven Scarf

 If you are feeling more artsy, a lighter favorite is our Kelly Rae scarfs. Peppy shades of bright peach, earthy browns, and pastel shades of turquoise make these a terrific scarf that will keep you warm while adding Kelly Rae's mixed media elegance to your look. Cherished worldwide by her legion of fans, Kelly Rae Roberts sums up her art and philosophy with these words, "My hope is that my work evokes a sense of clarity and peace inside of you as you walk your own path in life, and that it inspires you to discover your own limitlessness." Let Kelly Rae bring some light and levity into your life as she has done with so many others!

     Kelly Rae ScarfKelly Rae Scarf

 A favorite around the world, Laurel Burch's designs are usable art. At the age of 14, Laurel Burch left her tumultuous home life in Southern California. Along the way she began painting and designing jewelry for herself. People began to ask her where she got them and slowly but surely the phenomenon of collecting Laurel Burch began! Born with osteoporosis, Laurel passed away in 2007. Although she is greatly missed, her spirit and her art continue to brighten our world to this day. This silky scarf features an elegant trio of sophisticated feline fellows ready for a day on the town.

Cat Scarf

 Tired of that boring old scarf? You can rock a minimum of 11 different looks with this versatile and trendy bandeau! So chic with a cream, yellow, orange, teal and blue floral print, this year-round Boho accessory can be wrapped around your head, neck, ponytail, wrist, or body. 

Boho BandeauBoho Bandeau

As women, we all know what it is like to struggle with keeping our open cardigans and scarves perfectly placed throughout the day. MagneButton creator, Christy Grierson, has designed a solution to this fashion crisis with a simple, yet brilliant, magnetic device. MagneButton fashion accessories allow you to keep your outfit layers in place, without the use of safety pins (and the holes they leave behind). After getting feedback from her customers, Christy started designing heavy-duty magnets with fashionable embellishments to successfully solve the safety pin problem. The MagneButton is available in a wide variety of designs, and it is easy to see why this product became an instant hit.

Watch the video from their website here: MagneButton Video

 This super strong magnetic button closure not only adds a touch of color to your outfit, but it will actually make your life easier. This design features a multicolor mandala with shades of blue, green, and purple with small butterflies and roses. Just think, no more constant rearranging your scarf or shawl throughout the evening. Or quickly add a touch of elegance and timelessness to your outfit with this High Dome Pearl MagneButton. This magnetic button closure features vintage-style, silver base. It can be used to hold your scarf in place, or to keep your cardigan or light sweater from hanging open. There are so many different ways you can use this accessory to create a finished overall look.

Mandala MagneButtonPearl MagneButton