Confession… I’m a bit of a science nerd. I’m a total sucker for clever, nerdy products that are cool, but also serve a functional purpose. Check out some of my favorite nerdy gifts below!


  Have you heard of Soap Rocks?  Oh my goodness what a feast for the eyes (and the skin)!  The artist that created this line, Todd Pink, was truly the perfect person for the job.  After experiencing a lightbulb moment while looking at left over bits of soap, he was able to use his background in Conceptual Art, Geology, and Chemistry to create the objects of beauty that you see here!  And, by the way, they are completely functional and clean like nobody’s business.  Bonus!  They sparkle and smell amazing.

Soap RocksSoap RocksSoap Rocks


Another favorite nerd gift is the Solar Robot…  It claims to be for ages 5 and up, but I gave one to my friend’s son and I’m jealous!  I want my own.  This cool creature comes with solar panels, wires, a gear case body, and everything you need to start building your own personal bot.  Completely customizable, the rest of the design is up to you.  For example, you can use a recycled paper cup and forks for arms.  The possibilities are just about endless.  Plus, it’s a great opportunity to learn about recycling and alternative energy sources!  Wow.

 solar robot kit 

Fascinations 3D models, by Metal Earth, are designed by a team of physicists, engineers, magicians and, of course, children. Their products are intended to cause a reaction of amazement, with a goal of inspiring the question, "How does that work?" These nifty 3D models are available in a wide variety of designs, ensuring that you will be able to find the perfect one to suit your taste or add to your collection.


Calling all Star Wars fans! This is an excellent gift for anyone who collects Star Wars items or enjoys building 3D models. Just follow the included instructions to pop out the pieces, bend, and attach them. Then you'll ready to display your very own DIY Millennium Falcon mini model! 

Star Wars Kit


  Ahoy mates! If you love to collect pirate items or are a fan of building miniature 3D models, you must add this beauty to your collection. Instructions are included to help you along the way, as you pop out the pieces from the metal sheet, and attach them. Soon enough you'll be showing off your own Black Pearl 3D model.

 Black Pearl Kit 

This P-51 Mustang model will hold your attention as you build it from the ground up. Just follow the included instructions to pop out the pieces and attach them. Soon, you'll have an awesome 3D mini model to proudly display in your home or office.

 P-51 Mustang Kit 

  Mighty Wallets are the original Tyvek wallet, and they are "Mighty Thin, Mighty Strong, Mighty Green". It would make a great gift for any comic book fan. This wallet transforms over time as you fill it, by adapting to your personal storage requirements


  Celebrate your love for super heroes with a Batman or Superman wallet! The Batman Wallet is definitely a conversation starter. Featuring the classic logo on the front and an inner image of Batman in mid-kick, this wallet is a must have! The Superman Wallet features the classic logo on the front as well as an inner image of the moment of transformation.  It almost seems like an homage to Superman himself. Both are designed in an origami style with two money pockets, two credit card pockets, and two business card pockets

  Spiderman WalletBatman Wallet


  Crazy Aaron makes putty that is like playdoh for adults. Grab yourself a tin of Crazy Aaron’s Amethyst Blush, Thinking Putty. The trippy color will calm your nerves and sooth your brain. Being heat sensitive, the purple fades to reveal a cool pink! And Crazy Aaron’s Krypton putty glows in the dark! The putty bounces, stretches, pops, changes colors, and snaps. Almost guaranteed to make you think!


  Made and invented in the USA by "Crazy Aaron," who developed Putty World's Thinking Putty after years of searching for the ultimate desk toy. He started out selling putty from under the desk in his cubicle and now sells it all over the planet! This company proudly employs individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities.



Krypton Putty

Amethyst Putty