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About Our Store

Lotus Butterfly SignWe opened our first store in San Diego County in 1995. With big box stores being built throughout our community, we decided to think outside the mall! When you shop with us, you will find items that are unique; things that you wouldn't find easily elsewhere. We offer heartfelt, transformational gifts inspired by nature, beauty, and kindness, all at affordable prices. Everything we carry is meaningful in some way. It has to be pretty, smell good, warm our heart, or make us laugh to be carried in our store.  WCheryl Phibbs and Miranda Cranforde specialize in items made by artisans and small or family run businesses. We have met and know the people from every company we work with and we think this makes a difference. We want to bring the friendship, kindness and passion that we feel from these people back to our customers. After 20 years, we continue making friendships every day in our two stores located in Escondido and San Diego, as well as with people from all over the country through our on-line store. Our greatest desire is that everyone’s day is made just a little bit better and happier by visiting our store or lotusbutterfly.com. 

Spreading Happiness,
Cheryl & Miranda