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Lavender Spray Mist

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This relaxing and soothing spray mist is made from natural lavender essential oil and can be used to freshen anything from your skin to the air around you. Recommended uses include misting the air in a hotel room or bathroom, spraying linens or your pillowcase to help you sleep, or even spraying on your face for a refreshing glow and lift! We really love the profound uplifting qualities of lavender.
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Size: 4 fl. oz.

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Set in the picturesque Sonoma Valley of California, you will find Sonoma Lavender, five acres of lavender fields that are operated and cultivated by Rebecca and Gary Rosenberg, along with their son and daughter. The perfect combination of rich soil, elevation, and a climate similar to that of the Mediterranean, make this geographical location ideal for producing lavender, as well as some of the world's best known wineries. The Rosenberg family takes time each year to carefully plant, tend, and then dry about 7000 lavender plants, before bringing in local artisans to give those dried plants new purpose, by creating everything from lotions and spa products to sachets and decorative pieces. Lavender is widely recognized around the world for aromatherapy purposes. It has the ability to give you a boost of energy when you're feeling sleepy, but it can also provide a calming sensation when you're feeling stressed. Sonoma Lavender products make great gifts for others (or yourself), because everyone deserves a moment of relaxation bliss in their day.

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